pex-tubingPlumbing problems in your home can cause all kinds of frustrations, and even after the source of the issue has been identified, figuring out the best solution can be a challenge. At Integrity Repipe in Los Angeles, we’ve met with many homeowners who didn’t know what to do about their decreased water pressure or rust-colored and bad-smelling water. A viable solution for many homes is PEX repiping, and our plumbing specialists know how to complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Minimal Intrusion

Once we’ve determined that new PEX plumbing is the best option for your home, we’ll devise an installation plan that requires minimal intrusion into your drywall. We will layout your home repipe in the most logical and economical way possible, and you’ll be surprised at how little drywall needs to be removed. Every piece we remove will go back in the hole it came from once the new PEX piping is in place. Before that, of course, we will run new PEX tubing to all of your connections, taps, and appliances that require water, as well as the transition point, which is where the existing
potable system enters your home.

Once the new PEX pipes are in place, we’ll begin patching and repairing your drywall. We want your walls to look exactly like they did before we started, and we have the experience and precision to patch, texture, and paint your walls to look as they did before your home repipe project. Before we leave your home, we’ll make sure everything is working and flowing properly, and that you have no other questions or concerns.

If you’re interested in new PEX plumbing for your Los Angeles-area home, contact Integrity Repipe today!

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