dreamstime_xxl_141943In most homes built before the 1960s, galvanized pipes were used for the majority, if not all of the plumbing. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that are covered in a layer of zinc, and as the years pass, that layer of zinc erodes as it comes in contact with the minerals found in the water supply. This leads to corrosion, which builds up inside the pipes, and can lead to low water pressure and bad-smelling and/or bad-tasting water throughout the home. At Integrity Repipe in Los Angeles, our PEX repiping services can take care of your old, corroded galvanized plumbing.

Benefits of a Whole-House Repipe

It’s possible that before you owned your LA home, the previous owner had some of the galvanized pipes replaced. While this may have taken care of the immediate problem of low water pressure or rusty colored water, some galvanized pipes were left in the plumbing system, ready to cause problems in the future. By completely repiping your entire house with new PEX plumbing, you can rid yourself of potential issues and the worry that comes with having corroded pipes in your system. Furthermore, the old galvanized pipes may have been replaced with new galvanized pipes, and while piping technology has changed over the years, the same corrosion problems could arise in the next few years and be an issue for you or any future owner of your house.

If you’re concerned about the state of your home’s plumbing, or you’ve had a pipe break that exposed corroded plumbing, please call us right away. We have years of experience with PEX repiping, and can make sure your home has adequate pressure and clean water.

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