4 Ways To Know Whether You Should Upgrade Or Replace Your Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes were used for many decades. They are made of still with a zinc coating to keep the steel from rusting. However, over the years, minerals in water eat away the zinc, causing damage to the zinc coating. This is enough reason to consider replacing galvanized pipes after many years.

If you have issues related to your water supply, you know they can get annoying quickly, so you should not ignore them. Those issues are usually related to damaged galvanized pipes, so you may consider replacing them.

A Chula vista repiping plumber shares below the 4 signs that can help you decide if you should replace your galvanized pipes soon. 

4 Ways To Know Whether You Should Upgrade Or Replace Your Galvanized Pipes in California

Look For Rust In The Pipe Joints

The first thing you have to do is to look for rust in the pipe joints. Galvanized pipes look similar to nickel when first installed, though they take on a dark grayish color over time.

If you can’t notice the difference, take a screwdriver and a magnet to scratch the pipe exterior. You will know you have galvanized pipes if they attract the magnet. This can simplify checking if your piping system is old enough to be replaced.

Old galvanized pipes show notorious signs of rusting and corrosion through the exterior coat, causing leaks. 

Consider replacing your pipes if you see signs of rust or large lumpy growths in the pipe joints during an inspection.

Be Aware If You Have Discolored Water

Run a test of water clarity to check if the water looks rusty. To do this, fill up a clear glass with water and see the water coming from all the faucets in the house. 

Galvanized pipes release iron and cause water discoloration. A Artesia repiping plumber can help you identify your piping system, but it’s always good to do the test of water clarity to save time.

Once you finish the test, see if your water is brown, red, or yellow. If so, it’s time to check the piping system because you may have old galvanized pipes that need replacement.

Check If Your Water Has An Unusual Pressure

Lower water pressure can also indicate problematic galvanized pipes. You can check with different taps in your home. If some have lower pressure, your house may have problems with the galvanized pipes. 

A build-up of corrosion in plumbing lines can lower water pressure and lead to numerous (and expensive) repairs. To avoid that, you should be aware of your water pressure.

Your house may have more than one type of piping, that’s not unusual. However, you should contact a professional plumber to get a thorough inspection of all your pipes and water sources to keep things under control. 

Check The Lead Content In Your Water Supply

This is the hardest sign to spot as it may not be easily accomplished just by looking at the water. You probably need help from a Ladera Ranch repiping company.

Lead can enter your house from many things, and it’s not uncommon when lead plumbing materials become corroded. 

Galvanized pipes installed between 1880 and 1960 have a natural zinc coating, an impure substance that contained lead. The zinc was used to ensure a longer lifespan for steel pipes, but sadly, it also added lead that could potentially leak into the water. 

Moreover, if galvanized pipes were connected to lead plumbing, the risk of trapped lead in the water flow was higher (even if the lead pipes were later changed). 

You can find out the levels of lead content by contacting a plumber or calling your municipal water supplier. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should call the municipality and ask the following: Does the service pipe at my street have lead in it? You can ask for a copy of their Consumer Confidence Report too. 

This document lists levels of contaminants during tests. These tests are obligatory because federal law requires them regularly.

Public suppliers provide yearly reports online. These reports appear at the Environmental Protection Agency site. 

Check the reports to see the lead level in your piping system. Contact a California repiping plumber to replace your galvanized pipes if the lead levels are above 15 parts per billion. This number indicates your piping system is too old and it could cause health risks associated with lead contamination. 

Let Us Help With A High-Rated California Repiping Service

If you are still unsure about your piping system and want a rigorous check-up, let us help! At Integrity Repipe, we can do a complete revision to ensure your piping system is in good condition. We can also let you know if you have to replace your galvanized pipes to guarantee safety for your house.

Contact us now to learn more about our services and get started as soon as possible! 

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