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    Water Pipe Replacement with PEX


    Repiping a potable water system means you totally abandon the existing potable system and replace it with a new system. There are three main materials that are currently used in repiping jobs, 1) copper pipe and fitting, 2) CPVC pipe and fittings and 3) PEX pipe and fittings. (DO NOT USE CPVC, IT IS THE NEXT POLYBUTYLENE). Integrity Repipe Inc, we always recommend PEX repipe.

    One of the benefits of Repiping with PEX is to Increase Water Pressure and Volume. To learn more about PEX repiping or if you want to schedule an inspection, give us a call today. Integrity Repipe will explain and guide you through their process of water pipe replacement with PEX.

    Home Repiping with Zurn PEX

    Zurn PEX specializes in cross linked polyethylene tubing for use in plumbing, radiant heating, snow melt applications, and more. Choose Zurn PEX for a reliable, recognized manufacturer to supply your entire installation.

    Ease of Installation

    • Flexible tubing is easier to install and requires up to 90% less fittings compared to copper, galvanized and cpvc materials, reducing labor and potential for leaks.

    • Installation of PEX tubing with the Zurn expansion system reduces labor and installation time, also reduces the need for multiple soldering or hazardous chemicals.

    Resists Corrosion and Mineral Build Up

    • Zurn PEX tubing is corrosion resistant, extending the life of your system, versus copper which can corrode and collect mineral build up.

    Freeze Resistant

    • PEX systems expand during freezing and resist damage where copper and CPVC systems will burst, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

    Safe, Clean, and Healthy

    • Zurn PEX tube is certified to NSF 61 for safe use with potable water. Zurn PEX tubing is free of heavy metals such as lead, and is free of BPA to ensure the highest quality.

    Quiet Operation

    • Zurn PEX tubing does not amplify sound and expands to absorb the effects of water hammer, resulting in a system that is quiet during operation.

    Energy Efficient

    • Zurn PEX tubing has a higher thermal resistance than copper and CPVC, allowing hot water lines to stay hotter longer.

    Proven and Reliable Expansion Installation Method

    • Expansion systems are full strength upon installation, provide 360 degree uniform pressure, and deliver more flow than required by fixture demand.

    25-Year Warranty

    • Zurn, a leader in the plumbing industry for over 115 years, backs the Zurn PEX plumbing system with an industry leading 25-year warranty.

    Benefits of Zurn PEX®

    • Zurn PEX utilizes the Silane production method to provide the most durable and reliable PEX tubing.
    • The Silane production method allows the use of beneficial additives (antioxidant stabilizers, ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers, and colorants) without interfering with the material’s ability to cross-link, providing a superior tubing.
    • The Zurn formulation additives result in tubing that qualifies for the highest chlorine and UV resistance as defined in ASTM F876, extending the life of your system.
    • Zurn’s cross-linking method creates a more dimensionally stable and consistent tubing than cross-linking methods that require extreme pressures or secondary steps.

    Zurn PEX Silane Method demonstrates superior performance in these areas:

    • Strength (23% stronger than Peroxide manufactured tubing)
    • Resistance to UV degradation (up to 6 months of direct exposure)
    • High temperature and pressure resistance
    • Flexibility and impact resistance to stand up to tough job site

    Zurn’s Silane cross-linking process far surpasses the quality requirements set forth by F876 (160 PSI @ 73.4°F, 100 PSI @ 180°F and 80 PSI @ 200°F).
    Zurn PEX tube may be used in plenum applications when installed according to Zurn installation requirements.
    Meets requirements for continuous hot water recirculation as defined in ASTM F876. All Zurn PEX tubing is ‘MADE IN THE USA’ in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

    The Finest, Most Complete & Professional Job In The Industry

    PEX Water Line Fittings Near Me

    Integrity Repipe plumbers are the best. They are trained and taught by the owner, Joe Ludlow, on how to inspect, repair, repipe, and drywall. Most plumbers will drill a hole on your wall, and not conduct a complete and professional drywall installation. The technicians at Integrity Repipe works organized and clean.

    When is comes to PEX water line fittings, you want the best repipe plumbers providing the services and products. PEX pipes are faster to install and are affordable than other pipes. Depending on the condition of your existing water pipes, there is a possibility to install PEX without a complete PEX repipe replacement. Give us a call today, and ask about our PEX water line fittings services today.

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