copper-tubingIn homes with old galvanized pipes, a number of problems can arise when those pipes begin to leak or corrode. Decreased water pressure, inadequate hot water, and discolored or odorous water are all problems that can present themselves because of outdated plumbing. At Integrity Repipe in Los Angeles, we can solve all of those problems by installing new copper piping in your home. We’ve worked with copper plumbing for nearly 25 years, and understand the best and most effective methods for repiping your home.

Minor problems such as slow leaks or dripping faucets may seem insignificant at first, but when you’re losing water pressure or you can’t take a shower without running out of hot water, it’s time to consider copper pipes. We use Type “L” copper pipes, which are thicker and more heavy duty than Type “M” pipes. When we’re done, you’ll be able to rest easy and know that your new plumbing will last for decades, and most likely still be in great shape when and if you sell your home.

At Integrity, we will not only install new piping throughout your entire home, we will also patch and repair any drywall that needs to be fixed following installation. We want your home to look exactly as it did before we started your repiping project, and for you to be completely satisfied with the level of work. If you’re interested in copper piping for your LA home, contact us at 1-877-4-REPIPE or request a quote online. We look forward to helping you!