If you walk into most any modern home in America, you’re going to find two things: a dishwasher and a washing machine. These appliances used to be considered luxuries, but are now fairly affordable and have revolutionized the American lifestyle. However, if your plumbing and pipes aren’t able to carry enough hot water to these appliances, your clothes and dishes aren’t going to come out clean. At Integrity Repipe, we will provide expert PEX repiping for your home, helping your appliances work at optimal capacity.

dreamstime_xxl_29867637Your Dishwasher

The piping for your dishwasher needs to be secure and leak-free. If there’s a leak or a crack anywhere, the pressure will be compromised, not to mention the possibility of water damage under and behind your counters. We can thoroughly inspect and repipe your kitchen plumbing.

Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine needs adequate hot and cold water to properly dreamstime_xxl_19990093clean your clothes. If you’ve noticed that your garments still have detergent on them after the cycle is finished, or the water level doesn’t seem to be right, it might be due to old piping. We’ll check everything and provide PEX repiping where necessary.

If you’re interested in new PEX plumbing for your home, or you’ve noticed leaks in your current pipes, contact Integrity in Mission Viejo today. We proudly serve Los Angeles, Anaheim, and the surrounding area, and we never use subcontractors on our projects. We’ve been installing Uponor PEX systems for more than 20 years, and can provide the expert repiping your home needs!

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