The plumbing in your home isn’t something you often think about until there is an issue. You don’t think about a clog until the drain backs up, you don’t think about how much water you’re using until the bill comes, and you don’t think about water pressure until there is none. One problem that can definitely get your attention is banging in your pipes, a phenomenon known as “water hammer.” If the noise has been keeping you awake at night, Integrity Repipe in Los Angeles can help. With our PEX repiping services, we can restore water pressure to your pipes, as well as peace and quiet to your home.

What Causes the Noise?

Before we begin your repipe project, it’s important to know why your plumbing is making noise in the first place. When you turn off a faucet, the pressure in the pipe changes, and can cause a banging sound. Water hammer can also happen when the air in the pipes that keeps the water moving freely through the system begins to leak out, and the pressure changes rapidly at certain points in your plumbing. The water moves faster, causing a loud noise when it comes to a junction or a valve. Depending on the age of your home or plumbing, there could be several points where pressure is an issue.

With new PEX plumbing, you can remove the troublesome pipes and install flexible, durable piping that won’t make noise or vary in pressure as water moves through the system. If you’d like to learn more about our repiping process, or have questions about PEX systems, please call right away!

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