Learn How To Keep Your Piping Systems In Good Condition

Clogged kitchen drains are common plumbing issues in any home. They can be a headache for many homeowners because they cause a big mess. Plus, they can affect your daily routines, including washing the dishes or even preparing your food.

Nobody likes the awful smell in a kitchen when there’s a clogged pipe. And let’s not forget about standing water, that’s probably the worst nightmare for any homeowner. Hence the importance of knowing the usual signs of clogged kitchen pipes. Noticing these signs on time can avoid uncomfortable situations or worse damage in your kitchen.

A Chula Vista repiping company explains below these common signs so you can stay alert to your piping systems.

Clogged kitchen pipe in California

What Are The Problems With Clogged Kitchen Pipes?

Clogged kitchen drains can lead to costly problems and awful situations, including:

  • Mould
  • Uncomfortable odors
  • Stagnant water (which attracts pests)
  • Water Stains on walls and ceilings
  • Flooding
  • Broken pipes in other areas of the house
  • Sewage backups
  • Shifting of foundations

These are only some of the issues related to clogged kitchen pipes. There could be more damage if you don’t take care of them on time.

These Signs Indicate Clogged Kitchen Pipes

We have compiled a list of the most usual signs of blocked kitchen pipes so that you can be aware when using your kitchen. Take note of them before contacting a plumber!

Unpleasant Odors

A blocked kitchen drain is usually a result of built-up food or grease. Since these are organic matters, they will begin to decompose over time. The decomposition and the associated bacteria cause a foul and unpleasant smell. This smell can be worse when the tap is turned on, especially with the hot tap. That’s because the hot tap makes food particles soften, and the steam that rises through the pipes transfers the awful smell.

A Buena Park repiping plumber can help you get rid of this smell by identifying the exact issue. However, you can speed up part of the process by checking your kitchen drain and seeing if there’s a blockage.

Keep in mind that the bigger the clog, the more disgusting the smell.

Gurgling Sounds

Gushing and gurgling sounds in your kitchen drain can also indicate a blockage. The gurgling sounds indicate there’s trapped air in the drain that only escapes when the water runs.

Any weird sound in your kitchen drain may indicate there’s a blockage. Keep an eye on your kitchen once you start listening to weird noises.


Is the water trickling down the plughole when you turn on the tap? Does it take a lot of time for the sink to empty when the plug is pulled out? If the answer is yes, you may have a blockage in the kitchen drain.

The water in the sink should drain quickly and smoothly, with no backwash or bubbles whatsoever. A slow-draining sink is usually the consequence of a blockage.

This blockage may be in the P-trap, in your kitchen waste pipe, or even further down in the main sewer. Regardless of where the blockage is, always contact an Artesia repiping company.

Wet Floors And Overflows

Although stagnant water is the top indicator of clogged kitchen pipes, the excess water could also indicate the same issue.

Excess water could be leaking from any place along the pipe. If a blockage prevents the pipe from draining as corresponding, the water can drain through cracks in the pipes. As a result, you get leakings anywhere, from the ceilings to the floors and cupboards.

When water cannot flow through the kitchen pipes as it should, it backflows and rises where it can. That’s what causes the excess water in any area of your kitchen (or near your kitchen).

This problem can make you waste a lot of money on repairs depending on the type of damage it causes. That’s why many professional plumbers recommend checking your kitchen pipes at least twice a year. This preventive measure can help you maintain your drains in good condition and avoid blockages.

But, a blockage is unpredictable in many cases. Regardless of what you do, you may still suffer from one at any time. In that case, you should not ignore it at all.

Contact A Top-Rated California Repiping Company

If you see any signs of clogged kitchen pipes at home, be sure to contact Integrity Repipe to receive a reliable and efficient solution. We have a team of qualified specialists that can help you get rid of that stressful blockage.

Our team can also help you with other issues you have with your piping system, including low or high water pressure, bad tasting water, and more!

Reach out to us through our website or phone to schedule a FREE in-home estimate.


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