House Plumbing Maintenance: Tips To Keep Your Pipes In Top Shape

Are you spending too much time fixing your plumbing system? If yes, you should check out these seven ways to keep your plumbing system in good shape, according to a California repiping company.

Your plumbing system is responsible for keeping your home clean and free from leaks and other problems. This system also helps you get rid of wastewater.

You must take care of your plumbing system because it affects your health and well-being. It is also essential to ensure that your plumbing system does not cause damage to your home surroundings.


House Plumbing Maintenance: Tips To Keep Your Pipes In Top Shape

Check The Water Meter Frequently

When was the last time you checked how much water you use at home? It’s easy to forget to check that, especially when many people live at home. To avoid spending too much water, check your meter once a week. This way, you will be able to act fast before it’s too late.

If you see there’s a sudden spike in water usage, there may be something wrong with the plumbing system, and you should call a plumber immediately. 

Don’t Use Grease To Drain The Sink

Many people forget that grease is a slow-moving substance that can clog pipes. It can stick inside your pipes, leading to difficult blockages and other plumbing issues. 

You shouldn’t pour grease down the sink, even if it seems inoffensive (it’s not!). Grease is present in many foods and drinks, so be aware! 

Our trusted Chula Vista repiping company recommends wiping down your kitchen sink to keep it clean. You can also pour hot water to break up any accumulated grease in the sink. 

To dispose of grease properly, pour it into a container until you can throw it away.

Clean Dirty Garbage Disposal Frequently

Dirty garbage disposal is another common problem. By ignoring garbage disposal, you can cause a lot of damage to your piping system as it can clog your sink.

To keep your garbage disposal clean, simply run hot water through it at least once a day. If you see any garbage buildup inside the disposal, try cleaning the area with vinegar or baking soda. 

You can also use lemon with baking soda if you want to get rid of the bad smell! It works amazingly. Just remember to do it once a day, no more than that! 

Be Aware Of Hair!

Hair is another common cause of clogged drains and pipes. Hair can be difficult to remove with regular techniques, so you need a strainer or mesh net. You must catch the hair before it goes down the drain. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get rid of it unless you call a Fountain Valley repiping company to clean the pipes. 

Use a rubber band to tie up long hair before showering to avoid hair falling down the drain. Hair build-up is easier to treat with preventive measures, so always ensure there’s no hair going down the drain when washing the dishes or showering. 

Ensure You Have No Leaks In The House

Leaky faucets can also cause damage to your home, but luckily, they are easy to fix. You can tell when there’s a leak inside your house if you listen for drips or other sounds inside the walls. 

Once you identify the leak, turn off the water valve and contact a plumber for repairs. 

Do Not Throw Unflushable Items Down The Toilet

Another common cause of blocked toilets is throwing unflushable items, such as paper towels, feminine products, wet wipes, etc. 

Flushing these items can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. You should always dispose of these items by placing them in a garbage can.

Stay Alert To Minor Plumbing Issues

If there’s something wrong with your faucet, sink, or toilet, repair it immediately. Fixing these minor problems instead of waiting until they get worse can save you a lot of money! The sooner you solve the problems, the better. 

Contact A California repiping company For Help

Instead of trying DIY methods, call the experts to solve plumbing issues, including slab leaks and broken pipes. At Integrity Repipe, we’ll be happy to help! You can contact us through our website or phone number to schedule an appointment and get started! 



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