dreamstime_xxl_18734088There are very few things that worse to come home to than a house that’s filled with water. While it might not be the entire house, simply having a bathroom, laundry room, or utility room that’s flooded is enough to drive your stress level through the roof. At Integrity Repipe, we believe in helping people in need, and if your old pipes have ruptured, leaving you with a soggy mess, please contact us right away.

Identifying the Source

Once all the water is cleaned up and your pipes are accessible, our experienced repiper will investigate the source of the leak or break. Old galvanized pipes can corrode over time, and the pressure inside can build up as minerals and other deposits clog up the inside. With new PEX piping, you can feel confident that your home has proper water pressure and flow, and that no leak will suddenly surprise you when you turn on the faucet. There might be multiple leak sources that need to be identified, and repiping your entire home is the best way to ensure any hidden trouble spots are taken care of before they become major problems.

If you’ve noticed small leaks in your plumbing, or you’re concerned that you’ll come home to a flood, contact Integrity Repipe in Los Angeles today. PEX plumbing is strong, durable, and flexible, and will last for decades. Instead of worrying about water damage to your home and your belongings, you’ll be able to rest easy, no matter if you’re home or out of town for the weekend.

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