Are The Roots In The Sewer Line Damaging Your Pipes?

Tree roots, in some cases, can be one of the most problematic issues you’ll face with your sewer line. They can eventually puncture, clog, or even break the sewer pipes. But, how do you know if tree roots have invaded your sewer lines? Several signs could alert you to this problem.

If tree roots are growing in your sewer line, there’s a chance that you have a blockage. Not to mention you may even smell something different in your house. These are only a few examples to know if tree roots are in your sewer line. But, we recommend you continue reading below to check others before contacting the Cerritos repiping company.


Tree roots invading sewer pipes in California

Slow Flowing Drains

One of the first signs of tree roots in the sewer line is slowly flowing drains. Be aware if you flush the toilet and it drains too slowly. You should also be aware if you hear gurgling noises in the faucet. Both cases can be signs of tree roots entering the pipes.

Notice that the risk is exceptionally high in old houses or properties with large trees. Therefore, you must be extremely careful if your home is over 50 years old and your garden or yard is full of trees.

Sinkholes That Weren’t There

Although sinkholes are normal in some areas, they can also indicate serious pipe damage caused by roots. If you see a sinkhole in your lawn, stay away from it because it is dangerous, and call a plumber immediately to come out and check the area.

If the problem has advanced enough to create a sinkhole, your foundation may be in danger, and you should take action to save your property.

Calling experts to check out the foundation of your house is also necessary in this case.

Blocked Pipes

Clogged drains are always a nuisance. You should always consider calling a Chula Vista repiping plumber when you have clogged drains everywhere because they indicate something is wrong with the plumbing system.

Moreover, clogged pipes are also a sign of root damage. Tree roots can trespass the sewer line and block the water flow. This problem is not easy to solve. It requires professional help, hence the importance of calling an expert on time.

Strange Odors

Since tree roots can damage sewer lines, you may smell bad odors over time. The damage they cause when entering the pipes leads to unpleasant odors inside and outside the house.

That occurs because pipes are full of water and the area around them is full of humidity and soil. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria and other smelly elements if it mixes with debris or food leftovers in your pipes when there’s a blockage.

If you smell rotten eggs or something similar in the house, you may have a serious blockage, and you should check if it’s caused by tree roots.

Why Do Tree Roots Grow In Sewer Lines?

Tree roots growing in sewer lines have been a serious issue for many years, even in the driest areas of California, where trees are not that common. Only a certified Ladera Ranch repiping company can deal with them because they are not easy to eradicate once they enter the pipes.

A tree’s root system is usually two or three times longer than the tree’s tall. In other words, it is quite big and wide-reaching. The larger the tree, the more complex its root system. Deep root systems can travel further to find enough moisture and nutrients to keep the tree healthy.

Small leaks and cracks in the pipes create enough humidity to attract roots. Once the roots enter the pipe, they start to grow and expand slowly until they fill up the pipe and block it. If left unattended, the obstruction can become a serious problem and damage the structure of the sewer system and even your house foundation.

How Can I Remove Tree Roots From My Sewer Line?

Tree roots are not easy to remove, but they are dangerous because they can damage your plumbing, sewer system, yard, and foundation. They can cause many internal and external problems to your house, so you should not leave them unattended.

Since tree root obstruction is a delicate problem, you must contact a professional to solve the problem.

The Best Help Comes From a California Repiping Company

As we mentioned, you cannot solve a tree root obstruction with a DIY project, so only a professional can help. Integrity Repipe has the most experienced team in piping problems, including tree root obstruction. We also have top-quality tools to offer you excellent service. If you have any problems with your piping system, feel free to contact us!


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