What Causes Toilet To Leak & How To Fix It?

Finding a puddle around your toilet base is stressful enough to make you call a Chula Vista repiping plumber. That’s not for less, as having a leaky toilet is unsanitary and can cause water damage to your flooring. However, sometimes a leaking toilet is not a big problem as you think. 

It’s crucial to learn the possible causes of this problem so you can fix them before calling a plumber. Continue reading below for more information. 

What Causes Toilet To Leak & How To Fix It in California

Problems With The Bowl Or Tank

You probably don’t want to call a plumber just to find out the problem was never really a problem at all. One of the most common issues that don’t require a repiping plumber is condensation–more specifically, tank condensation if you live in a humid place. 

Excess water can come from a minor or bigger problem depending on many factors. You can try some things at home to see what exactly is happening with your toilet.

Take some paper towels and wipe the base of your toilet down. After the water has been absorbed, flush the toilet. If the water does not pool at the base, your leaky toilet has a condensation problem. 

Stay alert to your toilet base to avoid moisture, and that’s it! You don’t need to contact a Chula Vista repiping company in this case. 

Problems With The Water Supply Hoses

Sometimes the problem comes from damaged water supply hoses (those little hoses coming out of the wall that attaches to the toilet).

Water supply houses wear down over time, leading to a slow drip from the water supply onto the floor. The leak can come from the supply line or the fittings in the hoses. 

If you recently moved out, the lines may need to be gently tightened to secure the connections. If the leak doesn’t stop after that, you may need to replace the water supply hose. In that case, it’s better to contact a professional. 

Loose Closet Bolts

Check your toilet to see if it is bolted tightly to the floor. Your toilet can become loose from the base, and that can cause a leak every time you flush the toilet. 

Your toilet base has two bolts, usually covered with caps. Underneath the bolts, you can see a wax ring. If that wax ring is damaged, the toilet will leak water from the base every time you flush it. 

Tightening loose bolts may seem easy, but if the wax ring is broken, or you have over-tighten bolts, you will have a bigger issue. A Artesia repiping plumber will be necessary to fix this issue. In this case, the plumber will have to remove the toilet, check the wax ring for damage, and tighten the bolts that anchor the toilet to the floor. 

You should not try to do that process on your own as it could cause more harm than good. 

Damaged Wax Ring

If you already tried the basics (including checking the hoses and the moisture around your toilet base) but it keeps leaking, it may be your wax ring that’s causing this issue. 

Wax rings must be air and water-tight to prevent water leakage. So, how can you tell if the wax ring is damaged? Firstly, you must try water pooling around the base. 

Secondly, be aware of the smell. If your toilet base smells like rotten eggs, maybe it’s time to replace the wax ring. The rotten egg smell occurs because the wax ring has a void that’s compromising the seal.

Another sign of a damaged wax ring is toilet wobbling. If your toilet wobbles a lot, there’s most likely a broken flange, and your toilet may need a new wax ring as result.

Should I Contact A California Repiping Plumber?

Now that you know the possible cause of a leaky toilet, it’s time to get down to business. If the solution to fix the toilet includes replacing bolts and/or wax rings, maybe you should call Integrity Repipe to do the job. 

Replacing wax rings and bolts is not extremely difficult, but if they are not done properly, it could lead to more harm than good (and you surely don’t want a flooded bathroom). At Integrity Repipe, we can help you forget about leaky toilets once and for all! Contact us now for more info. 


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