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Whether you are facing new home construction, a total home renovation, or a plumbing emergency, Integrity Repipe is an excellent resource. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers specialize in helping homeowners and business owners improve their plumbing systems with cost-effective PEX.

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For over 26 years, Integrity Repipe has served clients throughout California as top-rated Rancho Santa Margarita repiping contractors. Our reputation for exceptional service is hard-earned and we take great pride in our five-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook from thousands of satisfied clients. All our work is performed by in-house technicians who have been carefully trained by our Master Repiper and owner, Joe Ludlow. Our goal is to provide consistency and surpassed expectations with every interaction. Contact Integrity Repipe today to schedule your free plumbing inspection!

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    Zurn PEX Home Repiping Near Rancho Santa Margarita

    Why PEX Is The Best & Most Widely Used System In Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Zurn PEX consistently stands above all other plumbing materials as the world’s best, first, and most widely used system. Its incredible durability and flexibility, along with impressive memory features, make PEX the perfect choice for any home or business. PEX can be reshaped to fit any tight corner or connector piece, with the ability to bounce back without concern and contract tightly to form a watertight seal. There are many reasons our Rancho Santa Margarita re-plumbing technicians continually go back to Zurn PEX.

    Why Zurn PEX Is The Best & Most Widely Used System In Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Watch the Video below, and learn all about our ZURN, High Quality, PEX-B Tubing.

    Single Home And Residential PEX Pipe Replacements

    If you are concerned that your current plumbing system is outdated and sluggish, it may be time to consider an upgrade to PEX. As the #1 Rancho Santa Margarita repiping company, Integrity Repipe strongly recommends that every plumbing system be upgraded to PEX, especially in older homes. PEX is the ideal choice for all single homes or residential units, and is perfect for green repipe potable water systems, due to its incredible durability and cost-effective nature. Contact us today to learn more!

    Qualified Rancho Santa Margarita Installations & Dedicated Zurn PEX Technicians

    When planning a home remodel, it is normal to spend countless hours researching contractors to find the best choice for your needs and your budget. After making a choice, we know how frustrating it can be to discover that the work has been subbed out to subcontractors you know nothing about, who will be in and out of your home daily. This is why Integrity Repipe keeps all work in-house, with personally trained technicians, so you always know who and what to expect.

    Qualified Rancho Santa Margarita Installations & Dedicated Zurn PEX Technicians

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    Integrity Repipe

    Why Rancho Santa Margarita Residents Prefer Our PEX Repiping Company

    Integrity Repipe provides Southern California with top-quality repiping and plumbing services, restoring water pressure and better water quality for your home.

    32 Years

    Joe Ludlow has completed
    32,000 Uponor Pex A turnkey repipes
    4,000 Zurn Pex B repipes
    200 Viega Pex B repipes
    5.000 Copper type (L) repipes
    41,000 repipes completed

    • FREE In-Home Estimates
    • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
    • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
    • We Don’t Use Subcontractors
    • 1-Day Repiping Services
    • 3-4 Day Turnaround
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    • Chloramine Resistant
    • Fast Installation
    • Only USA Made Materials
    • Highly Experienced Technicians
    • In-House Patch Work
    • Clean Job Sites
    • Non-Corroding PEX B Piping
    • No Pinhole Or Slab Leaks

    1990 – 2018

    Copper (type L) Repiping

    1993 – 2018

    Pex A Repipes


    Pex B repipe

    2018 – 2022

    Zurn logo

    Pex B Exclusively

    Rancho Santa Margarita’s Leading Slab Leak Detection & Repair Services

    We Provide PEX Repiping Services & Slab Leak Repairs For Homes Near You

    The foundational slab in your home not only stabilizes the entire house but is actually home to the pipes that bring water into your home for daily use. When one of those pipes leaks into the slab, the concrete is compromised and can quickly disintegrate or break down. If you suspect a slab leak, contact Integrity Repipe to schedule a Rancho Santa Margarita slab leak detection inspection. We visit your home, assess the area, and create a plan for immediate action if a leak is discovered.

    At Integrity Repipe, we understand the need for efficient, competent repiping in the event of a slab leak. We pride ourselves in quick response time and clear communication when you reach out to us!

    Team Of Repiping Experts At Integrity Repipe Posing Next To Van

    Guaranteed PEX Pipe Replacements For Your Rancho Santa Margarita Property

    When plumbers upgrade pipes, there is typically one of three materials used: copper, CPVC, or PEX. Each material offers different benefits and purposes, and requires a skilled hand to ensure proper installation. At Integrity Repipe, our Rancho Santa Margarita residential PEX repiping contractors are knowledgeable and experienced with all types, but consistently come back to Zurn PEX as the most durable and cost-effective option for any home. We highly recommend that all systems be upgraded to PEX, to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Reliable Rancho Santa Margarita, CA PEX Pipe And Repipe Plumbers

    The Finest, Most Complete & Professional Job In The Industry

    Experienced PEX Waterline Fittings Near Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    PEX Repipe Plumbing Near 92688

    “PEX Repipe Plumbing
    Near 92688”

    You can trust that the workmanship from our licensed, bonded, and insured team at Integrity Repipe will be consistent, reliable, and thorough, with close attention to detail.

    Repiping Your Home With Cost-Effective PEX Replumbing in Rancho Santa Margarita

    Repiping Your Home With Cost-Effective PEX Replumbing

    Contact the experts at Integrity Repipe to schedule a free plumbing inspection and an estimate for upgrading to Zurn PEX. We look forward to working with you!

    Replacing Old Pipes With PEX Near Rancho Santa Margarita

    Replacing Old Pipes With PEX

    If your current pipes are showing signs of age and wear, it may be time to consider a full system upgrade to durable, cost-effective PEX.

    Rancho Santa Margarita’s Best Rated PEX Plumbing & Repiping Services Near You

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    5 Star Customer Reviews For Integrity Repipe

    Highly Recommended!

    “Integrity Repipe did a great job of repiping my entire home. All the work was done in one day.”
    San Clemente

    So impressed with this company!

    “ What sets Integrity Repipe apart was their written lifetime warranty on parts and labor.”
    San Clemente

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    FAQs About Our Repiping Services

    Any pipe that has cracked is compromised and will only continue to cause problems in the future. Even if the spot that is repaired never leaks again, the pipe’s quality and function has been compromised and can cause extensive damage. A leaky pipe can also contaminate your drinking water, destroy your foundation or drywall, or cause more leaks in other spots further down the pipeline. Fully replacing the pipe is a much more reliable and effective way to address the issue.
    You can expect a repiping project to take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on a variety of factors. Because each home is different, we cannot say for sure how long it will take for your home until we know the size of your home, the age and material of your current piping system, and any damage that gets uncovered during the process. Integrity Repipe prides itself on clear communication from start to finish, so you will receive a more exact time estimate after your inspection.
    During the repiping process, a team of licensed contractors lay a new piping system right alongside your old one. You will still have access to water through the original system for most of the project, up until the water is turned off and rerouted to the new pipes. We will give you plenty of advance warning so you can prepare for the time without water. However, switching the water over to the new system typically takes very little time.
    While there are many PEX options on the plumbing market today, our team at Integrity Repipe is loyal to Uponor PEX. We believe it offers the best results for our customers due to its impressive memory and reshaping abilities, efficient function, and ease of installation. It is also a very cost-effective option for homeowners on a tight budget. Call Integrity Repipe in Rancho Santa Margarita today to learn more about why we support Uponor PEX!
    At Integrity Repipe, we see pipes leak for a variety of reasons. One of the most commonly seen is that the pipes were either installed incorrectly when the home was built, or the pipes were damaged as they were being installed. If a pipe was dinged, bent, or cracked during installation, it will begin to leak over time as a result of being compromised. We also see pipes leak due to shifting ground structure from earthquakes or intense rainstorms.
    Smaller issues in the home like a leaky kitchen sink, running toilet, or a faucet that will not stop dripping can be easily addressed by a plumber. Bigger concerns such as a slab leak require the skill and expertise of a trained repiping contractor in Rancho Santa Margarita. Repiping companies have the knowledge and tools necessary to repipe your home correctly after a leak. Don’t leave your repiping to just anyone! Be sure to contact a reputable repiping company for a free inspection.
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