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No matter what type of plumbing project you are planning, it is vital to have a reliable Costa Mesa repiping plumber available to help. Integrity Repipe is an excellent resource for all your plumbing and repiping needs, from new construction installation to a system upgrade for your home or business. As a reliable team of licensed and insured contractors, Integrity Repipe offers quality, efficient upgrades and installation with cost-effective PEX piping. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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For over 26 years, Integrity Repipe has proudly served homeowners and business owners throughout California with quality workmanship and top rated services. Our Costa Mesa repiping contractors carry a strong foundation of five-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and strive for customer satisfaction in every interaction. All our projects are performed by in-house contractors who have been meticulously trained by our Owner and Master Repiper, Joe Ludlow. Our goal is to provide consistency in our work through quality, reliable service and excellent workmanship. With cost-effective PEX and a wealth knowledge and expertise, Integrity Repipe is the #1 choice for all your plumbing needs.

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    Zurn PEX Home Repiping Near Costa Mesa

    Why PEX Is The Top-Choice System In Costa Mesa, CA

    While there is a wide variety of materials on the market for plumbing projects, Integrity Repipe is loyal to Zurn PEX. It is the world’s best, first, and most widely used system, providing incredible durability and smooth function. With impressive memory features, Zurn PEX can be easily reshaped to fit a tight corner, and will bounce back to its natural shape once removed. It is ideal for any home or business!

    Why PEX Is The Best & Most Widely Used System In Costa Mesa, CA

    Watch the Video below, and learn all about our ZURN, High Quality, PEX-B Tubing.

    Single Home & Residential PEX Pipe Replacements

    As a highly experienced Costa Mesa repiping plumbing service near you, Integrity Repipe is proud to bring comprehensive solutions to plumbing systems that are sluggish or old. We are the top repiping company in California and highly recommend that all outdated plumbing systems be upgraded to durable Zurn PEX, for maximum efficiency and function. PEX is the ideal choice for all single unit homes, residential homes, and green repipe potable water systems. Contact Integrity Repipe to learn more!

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    Qualified Costa Mesa Installations & Experienced Zurn PEX Technicians

    At Integrity Repipe, we understand that homeowners spend hours researching and finding the best contractor for their plumbing project. We also understand the discouragement that can come when the work is subbed out to other contractors you do not know but will be in your home every day. That is why Integrity Repipe keeps all our projects in-house with technicians who are licensed, insured, and carefully trained.

    Qualified Costa Mesa Installations & Dedicated Zurn PEX Technicians

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    Integrity Repipe provides Southern California with top-quality repiping and plumbing services, restoring water pressure and better water quality for your home.

    32 Years

    Joe Ludlow has completed
    32,000 Uponor Pex A turnkey repipes
    4,000 Zurn Pex B repipes
    200 Viega Pex B repipes
    5.000 Copper type (L) repipes
    41,000 repipes completed

    • FREE In-Home Estimates
    • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
    • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
    • We Don’t Use Subcontractors
    • 1-Day Repiping Services
    • 3-4 Day Turnaround
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    • Chloramine Resistant
    • Fast Installation
    • Only USA Made Materials
    • Highly Experienced Technicians
    • In-House Patch Work
    • Clean Job Sites
    • Non-Corroding PEX B Piping
    • No Pinhole Or Slab Leaks

    1990 – 2018

    Copper (type L) Repiping

    1993 – 2018

    Pex A Repipes


    Pex B repipe

    2018 – 2022


    Pex B Exclusively

    Best-Rated Slab Leak Detection & Repair Services In Costa Mesa, CA

    We Provide Professional PEX Repiping Services & Slab Leak Repairs For Homes

    The concrete foundation of your home not only supports the rest of your house but also holds your water pipes. When there is a leak in those pipes, the concrete foundation slab is compromised and can quickly begin to disintegrate or crumble. If you suspect a slab leak, our Costa Mesa slab leak detection repair team at Integrity Repipe will visit your home and inspect the area. If a leak is discovered, we can immediately address the issue through pipe repair, crack repair, and installation of new water lines and pipes.

    At Integrity Repipe, we understand the need for efficient, competent repiping service when a slab leak is detected, so we pride ourselves in clear communication and quick response times when you reach out to us.

    Integrity Repipe team standing by van

    Guaranteed PEX Pipe Replacements For Your Costa Mesa Home

    The three main materials typically used for repiping a home are PEX, copper, or CPVC. Each type requires specific hardware and knowledge to ensure proper installation and function. Our Costa Mesa residential PEX repiping contractors have the expertise necessary to work with any type of plumbing material, but are most proficient with Zurn PEX. As the most durable, cost-effective option, PEX are an excellent solution for any new home construction or homes that require updating.

    Highly Trained Costa Mesa, CA PEX Pipe & Repipe Plumbers

    The Finest, Most Complete & Professional Job In The Industry

    Efficient PEX Waterline Fittings Near Costa Mesa, CA

    Costa Mesa's PEX Repipe Plumbing

    Costa Mesa’s
    PEX Repipe Plumbing

    Trust our top rated Costa Mesa repiping company to perform consistent, quality workmanship and incredible customer service through every interaction. We carry five-star ratings from many happy customers, so contact us today for a free estimate to upgrade to Zurn PEX!

    Repiping Your Costa Mesa Home With Cost-Effective PEX Replumbing

    Repiping Your Home With Affordable PEX Replumbing

    If your current plumbing system seems sluggish or outdated, it is time to call in the professionals at Integrity Repipe. We will visit your home or business to perform a detailed assessment, and offer expert solutions to improve the overall function.

    Replacing Old Pipes With PEX In Costa Mesa

    Old Pipes Replacing With PEX

    When you choose Integrity Repipe to replace your existing plumbing system with PEX, you can expect an immediate difference in its function and efficiency. If you have any concerns with your new system, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly contractors right away!

    Top-Rated PEX Repiping & Plumbing Services Near You

    5-Star Testimonials About Our Plumbing & Repiping Services

    5 Star Customer Reviews For Integrity Repipe in Costa Mesa

    Great Job!

    “They repiped our home in one day, they were fast, friendly and did a great job of cleaning up. They patched the holes they made so they looked like new.”
    Alison Viejo


    “These guys did an amazing job getting new pipes into my house after my old copper leaked. They were competitively priced, prompt, super kind, and very efficient. Every step of the way they explained what was going on and made sure I stayed in the loop.”
    Aliso Viejo

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    FAQs About Our Repiping Services

    A pipe that has cracked and lost its integrity to the point of leaking will only continue to cause problems in the future if repaired and continued to be used. Even if the repaired area never leaks in that same spot, its quality is compromised and could cause extensive damage further down the line. Leaky pipes can also contaminate your drinking water, destroy your floor or drywall, or ruin other areas of your home. Pipe replacement is a much more reliable process with results that last.
    Each home is different, with a variety of unique factors to consider including the size of home, the age and type of your current piping system, and any damage that gets uncovered during the process. While we cannot guarantee a specific time frame for your home, you can typically expect a whole home repiping process to take anywhere from 2-7 days. Our contractors at Integrity Repipe will communicate clearly with you from start to finish so you know what to expect.
    During the repiping process, a team of specialists will build a new piping system right next to the old one, and then reroute your water from the old system to the new. While you will have some access to water from the old pipes for most of the process, be prepared for your water to be shut off for a certain period of time while the specialist transfers water from one system to the other. You will always get advance notice so you can plan accordingly.

    We understand that there are several options for PEX on the market today. However, we are loyal to Uponor PEX, because we believe it offers the best quality and results for the price you pay. Uponor PEX boasts impressive reshaping and memory functions, quality and efficiency, and a competitive cost that won’t break the bank but will ensure the best results. Contact Integrity Repipe in Costa Mesa today to learn more about the benefits of Uponor PEX!

    At Integrity Repipe, we see a wide variety of issues that cause leaky pipes in homes. One of the most common causes of leaky pipes we see is that the material originally installed was already damaged, or the installation process was performed incorrectly. If the pipes were bent, dented, or dinged during installation, over time those damaged areas will fracture or crack, and begin to leak. If you are planning a home remodel or new build, it is vital to invest in a reputable piping contractor who knows what they are doing.
    Plumbers are an excellent option for small issues such as a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink, or a faucet that will not stop dripping. Larger concerns such as a slab leak require the skill and training of a repiping specialist. Repiping companies are required to have extra training and licensure that provide a superior system for your home, with the assurance that it is installed correctly. Don’t leave your plumbing to just anyone! Do your research through reading reviews, viewing credentials, and asking for estimates.
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